March 18, 2019

Eggplants and Beyond: The Perfect Lush Product for Every Emojibator

Madelyn Allard, Social Media Guru at Emojibator


The day Lush announced their new eggplant bath bomb our mentions exploded. An eggplant bath bomb was the perfect pairing for an eggplant vibrator. Then, several articles dropped that doctors were warning people not to use the eggplant bath bomb internally and bloggers started recommending people use an Emojibator instead. Thus came some inspiration...what other Lush products pair perfectly with our vibrators?

Go Bananas

    What’s better foreplay than a sexy massage from a banana bar before going to town with a banana vibrator? With its all natural ingredients, you can also feel comfortable using it on and around your downstairs while you’re masturbating (no matter what genitals you have).

    Lush Banana Skin

    Spice It Up

      Nothing pairs better with pheromones than hints of jasmine and rose. Turn up the heat by pairing a perfume that’s literally named “Lust” with the spice of the chili pepper. Great for getting into the perfect mindset for solo play, or adding that extra something with a partner or two.

      Lust Perfume

      Call Up Poseidon

        Take self-care to a new level by diving to the deepest depths of the ocean. For the multitasker, put this face mask on before masturbating and enjoy soft, calm skin once you’re finished. This unique jelly mask is barely noticeable and matches perfectly with our Sharkie vibe.

        Birth of Venus

        Get in the Spirit

          Easter is coming and soon you will too. Part of Lush’s spring collection is an adorable egg-shaped bath bomb with a cute surprise inside. The chickie one looks one and the same as our chickie vibe (minus the great ass).

          We’d love to see your own personal pairings of Lush+Emojibator!

          Show us on Instagram with the hashtag #EmojiLush.

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