Sex Toy Care 101-Cleanliness

Sex Toy Care 101-Cleanliness

When you’re in the mood to masturbate, you only have one goal in mind: to get off. Afterward, the supreme calm and sleepiness of a job well-done sets in. You think to yourself, “I’ll clean this up later...” however, you give yourself the benefit of the doubt and before you know it, GROSS!, you’re using a dirty sex toy again. I am here to let you know that you can prevent this scenario from happening!

Buying a sex toy cleaner that works for your self-pleasure journey is not only easy but important for your hygiene. If you don’t clean your toys regularly, you are allowing bacteria to fester, which could lead to infection in your bits, which is mighty uncomfortable and highly avoidable if you Clean. Your. Toys.

Additionally, buying high-quality toys that are made of materials such as medical-grade silicone, stainless steel, ceramic, and glass will save you steps in this process. These materials are non-porous, and therefore, easier to clean because bacteria have fewer places to hide. However, leaving a high-quality silicone toy uncleaned time and time again can still wear down the material and cause its texture to change.

Using toys made of porous materials such as jelly rubber, Cyberskin, PVC, and TPE is not only a bad idea because these products often contain harmful phthalates, but are also difficult, if not impossible, to clean thoroughly. You could use them with a condom, but because these materials release oils over time (which break down latex), you’re better off purchasing a toy made of high-quality long-lasting material from the start.

Onto the actual cleaning process...There are foams, sprays, and wipes. Some toys can be boiled, but you want to be absolutely sure that’s the case before you ruin your favorite dildo. If it is glass, stainless steel, or a toy fully encased in silicone that does NOT vibrate or have a motor (maybe a dildo or buttplug), you’re in the clear to boil them for a few minutes. You can also use mild antibacterial soap and warm water to clean your toys, just make sure the soap is unscented and does not contain Triclosan, an ingredient that may cause irritation. Normal hand/body soap or mild unscented dish soap will do the trick. If your toy is not waterproof or water-resistant and has a battery pack or remote control, be careful not to get those wet. Guard those areas with your hand while you rinse, or just use a wipe.

Many of the same rules apply to your sex toys as do a condom. Like using a new condom between sex acts, you should clean your toys between uses as well. You can safely switch from vaginal play to anal play without changing the condom or cleaning a toy, but you cannot do so the other way around. Going straight from anal play to vaginal penetration can cause bacteria to enter the vagina and mess with its careful balance of flora, possibly causing discomfort and infections. These rules apply to fingers and anything else you may be used to play and penetrate with as well, so keep it clean!

Finally, to prevent dust from collecting on your toys between uses, store them in silicone cases or fabric bags of some kind. You can buy something new, like this handy travel-size case, or repurpose something you already have, like a fabric tote, reusable grocery bag, or a makeup bag.

Written by Claire C, Marketing and Sales Intern for Emojibator

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