Emojibator's Gift Guide

Emojibator's Gift Guide

This year's holiday season is looking a lot different than any other we've experienced before. No traveling to see family, no gathering at a bar with old friends, and the office holiday party is happening over Zoom. Two things, however, have stayed the same: sharing gifts and the near-constant need for orgasms. Luckily for you, we've organized an easy list of gifts for almost everyone* on your list. 


*We understand if you're not down to buy your aunt a sex toy, let alone think of certain people having sex. 😉


For the Long-Distance Lovers

Squid Vibrator 


Our newest addition to the Emojibator collection is the perfect gift for your one lesbian friend who used Lex to find a girlfriend only to connect with someone who lives 3000 miles away. How can a simple squid improve the lives of two star-crossed lesbians? No, it doesn't come with a UHaul coupon, but an interactive app that allows long distant interaction. Not only that but the app has voice/musical control capabilities and is versatile enough to wear on the go.


For the Sweetest Person You Know


We all have that one friend who is sugar, spice, and everything nice. You've never heard a mean thing come out of their mouth and they're always the first to lend a helping hand. Why not give them something that shows them just how sweet you think they are. Our Banana Emojibator is one of the most saccharine toys out there.


For the Clean Freak


Let's be real, thanks to the pandemic who hasn't become a clean freak? We're sure everyone is going to be getting some form of hand sanitizer in their stocking, but what about a UV wand? We've got a whole pack for hygiene including a UV wand, toy cleaner, and flavored funky junk wipes for before and after the deed.


For the One Who Likes to Make A Statement


Orgasms Hat

Thanks to mask mandates, anonymity is much easier. Making a statement with our clothes is a way to stand out and be more recognizable to our friends while out and about. For that friend who's always dressing to impress and/or sending a message, we have the perfect gift: Emojibator Orgasms merch. Help them say it loud and proud with a bright baseball cap or cute tee.


For That One Couple


You know, that one couple who used to spend all their time at the party making out in the corner. They probably still drive everyone nuts with the googly eyes they make during virtual happy hour and all the PDA on their shared Instagram. Since they're always together, get them a joint gift that will spice up that sex life of theirs. We recommend the Intro to Kink Set. Including the Orville Anal Vibrator, Phuksaus lube, and Rainbow Unicorn Bondage Rope, it's the perfect combo for them to experiment in their sex life and improve on what already seems pretty great. 


The plus side of not being able to see anyone over the holidays? Having your gifts delivered directly to the recipients' house. And with free shipping on qualifying orders, you can even call us Sexy Santa.

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