Finding Good Vibes for the First Time

Finding Good Vibes for the First Time

Finding Good Vibes for the First Time

By Maddie Allard, Marketing Manager at Emojibator

So you’ve decided after years of just using your hand to graduate to a vibrator.

Congratulations! Your whole life is about to change immensely. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with some manual masturbation, but adding a battery is a whole different ballgame. Or maybe you’ve never masturbated before and you’re ready to get started. Whatever rocks your boat.


Some things to have handy before we begin: your Emojibator of choice and an open mind. Every body is different, so you will need patience to understand what your body responds to. Once you’re ready, let’s get naked.

If you feel up to it, grab a mirror so you can see what you’re doing. Since the American school system has failed us when it comes to sex education, we’re going to have a little anatomy lesson on female genitalia. At the tippy top is your clitoris. Everyone’s is different, but most have a hood of varying sizes over it. That’s where we’re going to focus on when it comes to using one of the classic Emojibators (eggplant, chili, and banana).

female anato.jpg

When masturbating with a vibrator, it’s helpful to pull back the hood and then place the buzzy end right on the clit. If it’s too strong, you can put it over the hood or even squeeze your legs together a little. Your Emojibator also comes with 10 speeds so don’t be afraid to experiment with that to find your fave.

Like sex, just lying there will lead to a mediocre experience. Instead try wiggling around both your vibrator and your hips. Don’t forget to give yourself a little nip action too. Sooner or later you’ll be hitting a climax that will have your roommate texting you asking if you’re okay.

It’s easy to get in your head when you’re trying a new method of masturbation. Remember to not put so much pressure on yourself and just enjoy the ride. Don’t be afraid to experiment or add a friend. There’s no shame in masturbation.

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