Food Fetish and Sexual Pleasure

Food Fetish and Sexual Pleasure

Yes, we mean food--not the average Instagram foodie, urging you to wait in line for brunch because someone invented pink Eggs Benedict, or the like, and reminding your "phone eats first" before snapping a picture of their meal. We mean people who are into combining sex and food.

In a study in the United States, around 40% of participants said they had sexual fantasies involving food of some sort, although only a small minority of them stated this was something they fantasized about often. This might explain why you can easily find porn involving phallic foods or actors messing around juicy nibbles. Speaking of which, you can find our partner Quycky’s sexy edibles here.

Contrary to most things you see in actual food porn – again, we not the brunch material--edibles can be fun. Playing with your food, but bear in mind there are some safety concerns.

We’ve all had contact with the sexy imagery involving chocolate, whipped cream, strawberries, or even cucumbers, bananas, and honey. These are not accidental, considering according to research, these are what people fantasize about most. However, most of these foods are not body-safe. Anything sugary might change your vaginal pH balance if you are a vulva owner. This means yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. Besides, even if you wash them, most foods contain bacterias that you should ideally try to keep away from vaginas and butts! Better to wear a condom and be safe with veggie and fruit phalluses.

If you want to play with your food, that is more than ok, but make sure sweet fluids do not go inside holes. Also, please do not insert anything that your body that can get stuck including squishable items, like ripe fruits or vegetables. Remember, sphincters around the anus and vagina can involuntarily contract, which could result in crushing or vacuuming your foods and fantasies. We don’t want you to end up in the hospital with a peeled banana up your rectum.

If what you seek is pleasure, we may have the solution for you: Emojibator's fruit-shaped vibrators. Our fun brand recently added a strawberry sucker and pulsing cherry to the already popular, banana, eggplant, pickle, and chili pepper. Unlike actual chilis, these cuties are 100% safe for vulva insertion (not anus though since you should use toys with a stopper, like our Orville toy) and you can experiment with their vibrations any time.

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