Forget the Tylenol, Try Orgasms

Forget the Tylenol, Try Orgasms

Forget the Tylenol, Try Orgasms

by Maddie Allard

Life’s a pain, especially for people with a uterus. Although we are blessed with a higher pain tolerance than those who are born without one, it doesn’t mean we enjoy the pain we endure. From cramps to hormone headaches, it can get annoying. Nevermind your everyday average aches and pains that come with being alive.

So, what do we do? Most of us reach for the Tylenol, Midol, or Advil. But what if there was something natural you could do for FREE at home that you’d actually enjoy?

No, we’re not talking about magic; we’re talking orgasms. 

According to a study from Rutgers, when someone with a clitoris reaches orgasm, their brain goes WILD. This especially means the part of the brain called the dorsal raphe nucleus. This part of the brain releases serotonin upon orgasm. The release of serotonin leads to that amazing rush of pleasure as well as works as a pain reliever. So that headache or cramps you’re suffering from? Gone. Goodbye. See ya never. Along with the temporary pain release, your orgasms also help with pain tolerance according to the study. 

This great news can be used in multiple routines. Are you on your period and had a long day at work? Go home, climb under the blankets, and masturbate. Hungover? Drink water, take a shower, orgasm, and then take a nap. Is your partner annoying the crap out of you? Have them go down on you until you feel a lot better. No matter how you take advantage of this great news, we hope you have fun.

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