How to Find the Perfect Toy

How to Find the Perfect Toy

How to Find the Perfect Toy

By Thais Duthie


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Whenever we visit a physical or online sex store, we will find a colossal number of products, each of them different, with their own features. A lot of attributes can change: design, size, color, form, usage… and the choice is often not easy. At all. Human being tends to feel overwhelmed when a wide range of options is displayed. It is also quite common to buy a sex toy and then feel disappointed after the first use — and then it’s too late to change your pleasure instrument.

The main goal of this article is to help you with your choice so that not only you find a good toy but that you get the one.

What does your body like? A soft touch or maybe something hard? If you prefer a delicate texture you should try a delicate toy, made of body-safe silicone, which is often smooth and flexible. However, you can also find toys made of glass, metal or wood. These alternative materials are recommended too for those people who want an ecological device, or maybe for more experimented users. Materials such as glass or metal can change the temperature and that’s very interesting.

Jade Chakrubs


Crystal dildo from Chakrubs

Technology? Yes, please! A dildo can be really entertaining, but what about a vibrator? You can use it when it’s off and it will behave as a dildo… or turn it on and discover a world of vibrations: patterns, modes, power. Orgasm granted!

If you want something more unique, you can have a look at the newest products: pleasure through suction, pumps or impulses. What’s going to be next?

Before you buy one, get to know your future toy. Does it work with batteries or do you just need to plug it in? Think hard about this decision, because it could mean everything. If you are going to use it very often I recommend you choose a USB-charged toy. For traveling or sporadic uses though, batteries are the best.


Emojibator vibrators for vitamin D on the go

To buzz or not to buzz. You want a vibrator, for sure, but you need to find out about the noise. If the walls of your house are very thin, try to get the most silent option. The toys that work with batteries tend to be noisier, so choose USB-charged toys, and avoid suction devices!

Having fun in the shower. Some devices are waterproof — they allow you to use them while in the shower, bathtub or swimming pool. It can be a pleasurable experience! Double-check the product you have chosen can survive water to prevent damage.

Sharkie is waterproof for a fun dip in the shower

Warranty is key. Good sex toys provide a one-year warranty. This detail can be crucial for people who want to make sure their purchase is going to be a bang for their buck.

Remember: the choice is yours. Listen to your body's needs and the decision will be wise. My advice: read reviews with people’s experiences, watch product videos and familiarize with your next toy. That will help you find some tricks and will give you ideas of how to use it beyond the obvious ways. Come on, your pleasure instrument awaits!

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