December 10, 2018

Flicking the Bean While Sharing the Scene:

How to Masturbate When You Have A Roommate

Madelyn Allard, Social Media Guru at Emojibator


Sharing a living space with someone can sometimes mean making sacrifices. Maybe you can’t play your music as loud as you want or you’re expected to do your dishes punctually. One thing you shouldn’t sacrifice is masturbation. Self-care is important, and that includes masturbation no matter how frequent or infrequent you do it.

So, how do you keep things from being awkward?


Clear and open communication

First, start off with an open conversation with your roommate. Whether you share a room or share a wall, acknowledge that masturbation is something that happens. There may be walk-ins or overhearing, but that’s okay. If you talk about it in advance and turn it into something that is open and comfortable, it won’t be so terrifying if one of you happens to be caught in the act.



After chatting, do a wall test. A huge mood killer is the worry that your roommate can overhear your vibrator. Kill that paranoia before it can even happen. A wall test is simple. Turn on your vibrator to your favorite setting and then go into your roommate’s room. You may be shocked to learn that your buzzing vibe isn’t as loud as you thought it was.


Steamy in the shower

If you share a room, try masturbating in the shower. Hot water dripping down your body as you grind to your favorite fantasy is quite the rush and can lead to a pretty satisfying orgasm.



If you know you get loud, put on some music. You can find a sexy playlist on Spotify or make your own. When in doubt, play the 2013 album Beyoncé by Beyoncé. To take it a step further, put your favorite porn on silent while playing your playlist.

Is there anyone that doesn't find this woman arousing?

It's getting hot in here

Finally, play with temperature. If heat helps you cum, layering on the blankets will make you toasty while dampening the sound. For those who like it cool, a fan can help with more privacy.

Following these tips should lead to better selfie sessions and less roomie tension.

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