Kinks: Where to Begin

Kinks: Where to Begin

You may not necessarily think of yourself as kinky, but maybe you have a few secret fantasies that you’re just too scared to approach, or maybe your partner is incredibly adventurous and you’re a little bit shy when it comes to wild sex. A partner isn’t essential when it comes to discovering what gets you going; however, you can explore yourself and your kinks while you have some alone time. There are multiple different levels of kinks, so figuring out what appeals to you will also help in the long run of relationships so that you are aware of what you are comfortable with and have a strong understanding of who you are sexually.

To help you discover more about your kinks or find an entirely new desire, we have put together some tips on where to begin. 


Unless you have an abundance of fantasies involving mega kinky ideas, start somewhere relatively simple. Don’t be afraid to check out porn videos or Literotica sites to explore what is out there. Having a kink can make someone feel like they are alone with their fantasy, but you will be surprised just how many people share your sexual dreams. Some of the most common kinks are:


Spanking can be as delicate or as nasty as you like it to be. As it can be controlled at different levels, there are soft sides to this kink. Find loads of tips about spanking online and you could even enjoy some movies with spanking scenes in them like “Secretary.”


From being tied up lightly with fluffy handcuffs to creative restricted positions with ropes, you can explore just about any kind of bondage. Experiment while you are alone by using some kinky restraints that keep your hands free. There is plenty of information online about how to play with bondage rope safely. 


A common kink, from fishnets to leather-look bodysuits, lingerie is a popular turn on for both men and women. Purchase some lingerie to wear or research pictures of your favorite styles.


Whether this is something you fantasize about during your alone time or something you’re hoping to take to the next level with your partner, involving other people in your sex life is one of the biggest kinks that people enjoy. You can find out more about including other people on sites like Cuckin.


Role-playing, costumes, and characters can be heaps of fun in the bedroom and a common kink to explore. An incredibly seductive kink to experiment with, there is a wide variety of role-playing porn out there to help you get familiar with what types you might enjoy.


When you are exploring your kinks and turn-ons, let your mind and body wander. As long as you feel comfortable, let yourself go entirely. Make sure you have some privacy and get your favorite toy or lube on hand and dive straight in. Whether you are visualizing some imaginary sexual scenarios or indulging in an erotic book, exploring new ideas and kinks that you didn’t know you even had should be a fun and relaxing activity. 

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