Lunchtime Buzz - Tina’s Valentine’s Day 2019 Erotic Friend Fiction

Lunchtime Buzz - Tina’s Valentine’s Day 2019 Erotic Friend Fiction

Lunchtime Buzz - Tina’s Valentine’s Day 2019 Erotic Friend Fiction

By Tina Belcher


tina belcher writing friend fiction


Just like the weather, today held great expectations for sunshine. Last year, Jimmy Jr. and I locked lips like a baby bird feeding a mama bird. This year, I was going to take things to a whole new level.

The bell buzzes and I see Jimmy Jr. at my locker.

“Hey Tina, you wanna sit with me at lunch today?”

“I thought you’d never ask, stud. Don’t bother waiting in line though, I packed today.”

“I can’t wait to see what you have in store for me, T.”

“That’s what I say to your butt every day.”

tina belcher complementing jimmy jrs butt


We get to the lunchroom and you can just smell sweet love in the air. Everyone from Louise to Zeke, have been inspired by my wild moves. Even the teachers have been grabbing each other’s butts today. Jimmy Jr. and I find a cozy table in the corner of the cafeteria and take a seat.

“So what have you got in store for me, my sweet little T-Bag?”

“I don’t think it’s what you think it is!” Gene interjects from the table next to ours.

I slide my lunchbox over to Jimmy Jr.

“Why don’t you open it and take a peak?” I whispered

“It’’s a bunch of produce.”

“Oh, it’s more than just produce, Jimmy Jr. Why don’t you slide that sweet butt on over to me, huh?”

tina belcher enticing jimmy jr

I reached inside my lunchbox and took out the eggplant. I caressed the green tip and pushed the button at the top. Suddenly, the eggplant began to buzz...

“I don’t know if this is the right place to do this, Tina.” Jimmy Jr. blushed

“Don’t be shy, Jimmy Jr.”

I started rubbing the vibrating eggplant up and down Jimmy Jr.’s back. His face twisted in pleasure and he began to moan.

“Wow Tina, this is the best back massage I’ve ever had!”

Suddenly, the ceiling was lifted by a team of flying horses and produce began raining down. There were eggplants, bananas, and chili peppers! Everyone in the lunchroom started cheering as they began giving and receiving the most pleasurable back massages of their lives. Even the teachers joined in on the produce massage train.

Jimmy Jr. sighed. “This is the best Valentine’s Day ever, T.”

The end.


*Inspired by the Emojibator Louise found while going through mom’s drawers that mom says is for giving dad back massages*

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