Male Masturbation: 10 Tips and Tricks

Male Masturbation: 10 Tips and Tricks

The male genitalia has been a source of pleasure for centuries. It has nurtured empires, has assisted in the rise of armies, and has also bought entire empires down. All because the phallus was hungrier than the might of the human brain.

However, with the advent of technology and a fast-moving life, it became a part of a mad rat race. Eventually, economic concerns and dreams to build new-age empires pushed it to the backyard of ignominy.

This, however, doesn’t stop the raging bull that man is from attesting to his testosterone drives. It needs to wage a war against the pretentious world all the while caressing his male ego. The penis is no longer an adjunct to a sexual play of individuals but a partner to a hand and a soul wanting to vent.


1. Set The Mood

You would have surely done the same had your partner been there to indulge in a ravenous exercise, then why not do the same when you are using your imagination? Don't make your hand just do a "task", enjoy it, do something for the pleasure of your buddy down there 😉

You can dim the lights, play some erotic music to get into the gist.

2. Don't Just Stand & Deliver!

Change the position and you might just have discovered Shangri la. The old stand and deliver has been going on for too long. Lie and perk up, sit and defy gravity. There is nothing as monstrous as monotonicity. Kill the demon to unleash the dragon. Supporting the back on the wall, while pushing the hips forward is a great theme. 

3. Ride Slow

You need to spare time of at least 15 minutes for this, do not rush to ejaculate. Push your semen back by holding the motion and diverting your mind for a second, then start again. It's more fun and a healthier habit.

4. Left Right Left.

Just because you are right-handed, does not mean you will be incarcerated to hell for masturbating with your left hand, try that other hand once in a while. The weaker hand in fact gives you a slower pace and a better grip on the excitement slowly running through your arteries. The penis is quite a flexible organ and can be adjusted to a few directions, without of course breaking it.

Try pushing it against the stomach and giving it a well-paced movement. This will excite the nerve ends to no end. Using the non-dominant hand, one study has suggested will often lead to intense ejaculation.

5. Move Your Hips

Those hips aren’t just for stability, movement, and balance. If used properly, they add intensity to the act of masturbation. Had there been your partner with you the hips would have held the most prominent place in the scheme of things. Use it and widen your horizon of pleasure.

6. Mix & Match The Strokes

The painter uses their brush to add character to the painting by using different brush strokes. Masturbating using a wide variety of strokes is known to provide unbridled pleasure. The usual motion of moving your hand up and down will remain as long as the structural design of the penis remains the same. However, the mode of strokes ranging from a full hand grip to palming the head of the penis is some of the techniques that can make a man go wild.

7. Don't Forget Those Balls

So while you have been solely focusing on the penis, do not even for a moment forget that a large part of the pleasure is derived from the testicles. The testicles have as many nerve endings as that of the penis. Hence, making them a part of this pleasure trip will only add to the joy.

Also, had this not been a solo play, the partner would have certainly enjoyed the company of your testicles, taint, or the perineum and the shaft. These are highly explosive areas and should never be missed if pleasure is what you seek.

8. Prostrate to the prostrate

The "Male G-spot" is a thing to conquer, if you haven’t traveled that road yet, remember the loss has been yours and yours only. Slowly guide a finger through your anal and try rubbing it. It may not be easy the first time, however, practice makes a man better. Keep practicing and once you are there, rub it gently. Be careful of not poking it too hard, things for love need to be handled with love. If it is getting difficult to insert the finder, try to use the best lube for sex.

9. Touch Those Zones Too

The erogenous zones do not start and end with your penis and testicles and its affiliates, it goes much beyond that. The human body is filled with erogenous zones. The neck, the ear lobes, the lips are all meant to be caressed. If you think, these are meant to be used only when with a partner, do not forget you are with one. Your body. Rub, squeeze, pinch, tug. Do whatever you may wish to and see for yourself the wave of emotions flowing through your body.

The erogenous zones are meant to be activated through foreplay and the act of masturbation demands an exhilarating one.

10. Use Sex Toys

If you think you are bored of using your hands all these years, try using sex toys for making the ejaculation process more fun. Use toys like cock rings, or find the best fleshlight or the best pocket pussy to make things more interesting.

Masturbation is a healthy way to enjoy and has no known side effects. It relieves stress, soothes the nerves, and calms the mind and soul. Enjoying one’s body is an acceptable way to understand it.

Get the mood going and head towards your favorite spot in the house. Happiness is waiting.

Written by Luca of Spices of Lust



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