Squirting How-to

Squirting How-to

Get wet for female ejaculation and have a squirting orgasm 💦

Are you ready to get wet? [Video Link]

If you've ever wanted to know how to squirt, it's your lucky day. Female ejaculation, or squirting, has something of a mythical reputation; we all want to know how to do it, what it feels like and even what causes squirting. In this explicit video guide, adult performer and squirting-enthusiast Kali Sudhra reveals the secrets of female ejaculation. From a brief history of squirting and debunking some of the most common myths (i.e. 'is squirting pee?'), to finding your G-Spot and showing you the best techniques — this is the ultimate video guide to squirting orgasm.

If you are ready to lose your squirting virginity, prepare to wet your pants!

Do you want to take your squirting class one step further?
 Find a whole category of movies dedicated to squirting on XConfessions. With indie adult films made by Erika Lust and XConfessions guest directors, this category shows real squirting and realistic expectations about how to achieve it. Whether you’re looking for a tutorial to female ejaculation or tips on how to improve your release of your lustful liquids, this is the category where you’ll find your perfect squirting sex movie.


From Erika Lust. By Kali Sudhra.

Kali Sudhra is sex worker, writer and educator born in Tkaronto, unceded Indigenous territory in the settler-colonial state of Canada. She is dedicated to dismantling structures of white supremacy within feminism, and directly challenge gatekeeping of feminist spaces. The main focus of her work is exploring and presenting dissident sexuality, directly challenging white heteronormativity by using porn and various forms of sex work as a medium.

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