Trauma Informed Intimacy with Marlee Liss (Video)

Trauma Informed Intimacy with Marlee Liss (Video)

Welcome to Pleasure University with Emojibator and Marlee Liss, your queer feminist somatic coach!

In today’s lesson we’re going to be talking about “Trauma Informed Intimacy.” 

As someone who’s been through sexual assault, Marlee knows sometimes intimacy can feel intimidating and pleasure can start to feel more like pressure.

We’re going to explore ways that folks impacted by sexual trauma can feel empowered through solo sex, radical pleasure and reclamation. We’ll also learn how to shift out of disassociation and into embodiment.


Key topics discussed in this lesson:

  1. Pleasure is Possible: No matter what you’ve been through, you are worthy and capable of reclaiming pleasure.
  2. Pleasure is Healing: Solo sex is grounds for us to let go of the some of the sexual scripts we’ve been taught, and to learn what actually feels like authentic pleasure to us.
  3. Pleasure is SafeWhether in solo sex or shared intimacy, we can come up with a trigger plan so we have tangible ways to shift out of disassociation and back into embodiment.

For more information about trauma-informed intimacy, we encourage you to connect with our Pleasure Expert Marlee Liss who Emojibator collaborated with on this educational content.

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