FAQs About Emojibator

  1. What are Emojibator products made of? All vibrator products we carry are high-quality, non-toxic, free-phthalate, and odorless. We primarily use high-quality medical-grade silicone that's safe for bodily insertion and made to the highest quality standards. Some vibrators are listed as body-grade silicone, and while often safe to use inside your body, have not been tested for as rigorous standards.
  2. Are your vibrators really waterproof? Yes, all of our vibrator products are either waterproof or water-resistant to ensure you can safely use Emojibator wherever you please.
  3. Do you sell Emojibator wholesale? Yes! Fill out our wholesale inquiry form and we'll be in touch with detailed information.
  4. Is the eggplant really a fruit? Yes! Fruits are the edible reproductive organs of a plant (how appropriate!) and some even consider the eggplant a berry.
  5. How big is your eggplant? That's not appropriate to ask, but we'll tell you anyway. The dimensions are approximately 4.84" x 1.22" making it the perfectly sleek and satisfying size. All dimensions and specs can be found in the details section of the product page.