FAQs Emojibator Checkout & Shipping

  1. Does Emojibator ship orders discreetly? Yes! We deeply care about helping our customers feel comfortable ordering our products. We ship in a discreet plain padded envelope or box from our Shipping Manager in Santa Clara, CA that will not say Emojibator on the shipping label. No one will suspect a thing! Please note that for international orders, we are required to include an external packing list on your package, so "personal massager" may be listed clearly on your delivery for your country's shipping customs.
  2. What countries does Emojibator ship too? We ship to all countries that allow the purchase and import of adult toys. See here for a list of countries where sex toys might be banned.
  3. How long does it take to deliver Emojibator orders? In the United States, we offer the following shipping options: Standard (5-7 days), Expedited (1-3 days), Next Day (1-day). For all other international countries that we ship to, we offer Standard (7-21 days) or Priority (6-10 days). We cannot guarantee any shipping dates due to carrier delivery outside of our control.
  4. How do Emojibator purchases appear on my credit card statement? Purchases may appear as one of the following depending on your payment method and bank: SP * PIXELRISE LLC, EMOJI-PIXELRISE*LLC, EMOJI PXL, EMOJI PIXELRISE LLC, SP * PIXELRISE, or SP*PIXLRISE.