FAQs Emojibator Checkout & Shipping

  1. Does Emojibator ship orders discreetly? Yes! We deeply care about helping our customers feel comfortable ordering our products. We ship in a discreet plain padded envelope or box from our Shipping Manager in Santa Clara, CA that will not say Emojibator on the shipping label. No one will suspect a thing!
  2. What countries does Emojibator ship too? We ship to all countries that allow the purchase and import of adult toys. See here for a list of countries where sex toys might be banned.
  3. How long does it take to deliver Emojibator orders? In the United States, we offer the following shipping options: Standard (5-7 days), Expedited (1-3 days), Next Day (1-day). For all other international countries that we ship to, we offer Standard (7-21 days) or Priority (6-10 days).
  4. How do Emojibator purchases appear on my credit card statement? All purchases made on or after 1/12/2022: EMOJI-PIXELRISE*LLC if checked out via our website, and EMOJI PXL or EMOJI PIXELRISE LLC if checked out via PayPal. All purchases made prior to 1/12/2022: SP * PIXELRISE if checked out via our site, and SP*PIXLRISE via PayPal.