FAQs Emojibator Products

  1. Is Emojibator a vibrator or a dildo? Great question. Vibrators vibrate and dildos do not. The main stimulation from a vibrator comes from the buzzing sensation while a dildo's pleasure comes from penetration and G-spot stimulation. Emojibator is both a vibrator and a dildo!
  2. How does Emojibator turn on? Please refer to the instructions that came with your packaging to turn your specific vibrator on. If you have the Eggplant 🍆, Chili Pepper 🌶️, Banana 🍌 or Pickle 🥒: Before your first use, unscrew the stem to remove the circular piece of paper on top of the battery. Do not remove the insulation sleeve around the battery! Screw your stem back into place and simply click the top of the stem to fire it up.
  3. OMG how do you turn off Emojibator? Simply hold the button located at the top of the stem for three (3) seconds. Older models prior to 2019 can be shut off by cycling through all 10 settings until vibrating has ceased.
  4. I lost (or threw away) my instruction manual, where can I find product instructions? All product instructions can be accessed digitally by following the folder link here.
  5. What kind of batteries does Emojibator take? For non-USB toys, Emojibator comes equipped with 1 AAA battery that's easy to replace. USB products have a rechargeable battery that should not need to be replaced for the life of the toy.
  6. Can I use Emojibator in my anus? Although all of our toys are technically safe for anal penetration, we suggest using products with a base or stopper to prevent them from slipping inside such as the Orville Anal Vibrator.
  7. Is your bamboo silk rope safe for suspension? Unlike most typical bamboo silk, ours is specially made for suspension. Our bamboo ropes stands out with its much tighter twist making it more like tying with jute or hemp than loose cotton. Because it stays consistent through the suspension, you will have minimal stretching. Our manufacturers have done both static (hanging weights on it to test the stretch and for loss of tension) and during manufacturing (a load breaking point test). We have tested it in actual use for dynamic suspensions, from suspending furniture to mannequins to multiple trials with a 250-lb person.
  8. How do I pair the Squid Vibrator to its phone app? The Squid vibrator mobile app no longer supports downloads. We do not support use of this toy with the downloadable app.